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Padma Kuppa

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Hindutva is not the same as Hinduism.

Hindutva is an extremist and fascist ideology, whereas Hinduism is religion practiced by many.

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Padma is a long time organizer for the RSS's religious wing, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP-A in US)

 VHP has been declared by the CIA as a "religious militant organization"

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Hypocrisy : This is the exact method that has been used by RSS activists to convert people of other

Authored by Padma Kuppa. Her views are aligned with the actions of Hindutva extremists that resulted in massacre of Christians Missionaries and burning of churches across India.


In this article, Padma calls for unequivocal prosecution of any religious missionaries.


Padma's hypocrisy in her own words; She supports forced conversions by Hindutva while quietly affirming the violence against Christians, Muslims, Dalits and other socially backward classes. 


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